Best White Label CBD

White label CBD   As a CBD entrepreneur who is starting a business, maybe your first impulse will be to try and do everything by yourself and manufacture and pack your products from scratch. After all, that’s the spirit of entrepreneurship, right? Not quite. Most of the time, building your business from scratch can be […]

Benefits of CBD Honey

Benefits of CBD Honey   Nowadays, CBD seems to be everywhere, in every form you can imagine. The health and wellness world has just experienced a revolution with a wide variety of CBD products, from CBD skincare to CBD edibles and beverages. And now, one of the latest trends in the CBD world is the […]

Wholesale CBD Gummies

Wholesale CBD Gummies   CBD Gummies are one of the most sought-after CBD products. In recent years, CBD oil products have become increasingly popular and they are not used only for relaxation or to relieve physical pain, but they are also considered a great supplement for general wellness. Just like vitamins, the daily intake of […]

CBD Cigarettes

CBD Cigarettes: Your Natural Alternative To Tobacco In 2020   A CBD cigarette, also called hemp cigarette is a cigarette that, instead of containing tobacco and nicotine, it contains a mix a single type of CBD flower or a mix of them.   You must know that CBD is one of the cannabinoids present in […]

Wholesale CBD In Colorado

Wholesale CBD In Colorado   Who hasn’t heard about CBD in the last years? Many states in the USA are already open to legally commercialize CBD products. Now, we will tell you all about getting wholesale CBD in Colorado. Bur first, some basics.   Cannabidiol, or CBD as it’s best known, is a non-psychoactive substance […]

Global Cannabinoids speak with Dr. Greenthumb

Patrick Haines of Global Cannabinoids comes back on Green Talk to join Breal of Cypress Hill and Breal TV, also known as Dr. Greenthumb to educate you about cannabinoids. Tune in as they speak about the importance of real CBD! He also addresses new strains of cannabinoids and how they help our bodies. Global Cannabinoids […]

To Those First to Respond, We Salute You!

For the last few months, every day hundreds of thousands of first responders have been answering the call to fight the deadly COVID-19 virus. While many of us sit comfortably in our homes, binging Netflix and sharing hysterical (albeit ridiculous) memes about tigers on our social media channels, they’ve worked tirelessly to fight the spread […]